Cardiogen (20 mg) (Without Mannitol)

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Cardiogen Structure
Molecular Formula: C₁8H31N7O9
Molecular Weight: 489.5 g/mol
PubChem CID: 11583989
Alternative Names: SCHEMBL3194515

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Cardiogen, a brief peptide recognized for its attributes as a bioregulator, predominantly influences fibroblasts—the cells responsible for tissue repair and scar formation throughout the body, as indicated by research. While the spotlight has been on cardiogen regarding its involvement in various cardiovascular ailments (hence its name), studies indicate that its capacity to modify fibroblast behavior holds potential advantages across diverse tissues. Moreover, cardiogen appears to function as a synergistic peptide, augmenting the efficacy of specific standard therapies, thereby enhancing long-term outcomes and mitigating side effects. Additionally, initial investigations using rat models suggest that cardiogen might elevate apoptosis rates in tumor cells.