KPV 10 mg (Without Mannitol)

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KPV Peptide Structure
Amino Acid Sequence: Lys-Pro-Val
Molecular Formula: C16H30N4O4
Molecular Weight: 342.43 g/mol
PubChem CID: 125672
CAS Number: 67727-97-3
Synonyms: MSH (11-13), ACTH(11-13), alpha-MSH(11-13)

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KPV, originating from the C-terminal fragment of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH), represents one among several short peptide derivatives of alpha-MSH under scrutiny to assess their retained photoprotective characteristics, impact against ischemia, potential sexual effects, or influence on feeding behavior and energy balance. Comprised of lysine-proline-valine, KPV has demonstrated notable anti-inflammatory properties[1]. Active research positions this peptide as a prospective therapeutic agent in treating inflammatory bowel disease. Evidence suggests its potent anti-inflammatory capabilities across various systems including the central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, lungs, vascular system, and joints. Due to its compact size, KPV offers versatility in administration via oral, intravenous, and transdermal routes.