About Canlab International

Canlab International™ specializes in the synthesis of exceptionally pure peptides, proteins, and amino acid derivatives tailored for advanced scientific research and development. Employing a combination of automated and manual peptide synthesizers, along with cutting-edge solution and solid-phase peptide synthetic technology, we deliver peptides and proteins of the highest quality, surpassing 99% purity.

Throughout the entire process, from the initial stages of peptide synthesis to meticulous packaging and swift delivery, Canlab International™ adheres to the most rigorous quality control standards. Our commitment to excellence ensures that all peptides reach our customers in their purest and most stable form.

Our in-house testing procedures, conducted at every stage of production in our analytical test lab, validate the sequential fingerprints of our peptides with precision and accuracy. This is achieved through advanced techniques such as High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry analysis, scientifically confirming the purity, accuracy, and identity of each peptide. Your research deserves the highest standard of quality, and at Canlab International™, we are dedicated to delivering just that.

Core Values

Outstanding Quality:

We ensure exceptional and reliable quality in all aspects of our work.

  • We ensure exceptional and reliable quality in all aspects of our work.
  • Recognizing that quality is pivotal to our success, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards.

Exceptional Innovation

  • At Canlab International, we are dedicated to solving important and challenging problems.
  • Our environment encourages the extension of knowledge, technology, and creativity, promoting innovation as a cornerstone of our identity.

Superlative Customer Focus:

  • We commit to understanding and exceeding our customersneeds and expectations.
  • Building relationships based on integrity, responsiveness, and excellent communication is fundamental to our approach.

Inspirational People:

  • People are the core asset of Canlab International.
  • Recognizing the critical role of individuals and collective contributions, we invest in continuous development, empowering our employees and fostering excellence.

Financial Performance:

  • We are dedicated to driving excellent, sustainable financial performance.
  • Our focus on financial excellence ensures the stability and growth necessary to fulfill our vision and mission.