PNC-27 10 mg

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PNC-27 Peptide
Molecular formula: C188H293N53044S
Molar Mass: 4031.7

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PNC-27 stands as a man-made peptide crafted with the precise aim of targeting and eliminating cancerous cells. Part of the PNC family of investigational proteins, it is tailored to affix onto abnormal (cancerous) cells, prompting their demise through cell necrosis, while safeguarding the integrity of healthy, normal cells.

Comprising an HDM-2 binding domain mirroring residues 12-26 of p53 and a transmembrane-penetrating domain, the PNC-27 peptide has been observed to effectively bind to and eliminate cancer cells by disrupting the cell membrane, a process known as membranolysis.

Extensive research and animal studies have demonstrated the impressive efficacy of the PNC-27 peptide in selectively targeting a diverse range of specific cancer types, including pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, melanoma, and various other cancer cell lines.