Vilon (20 mg)

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Vilon Structure
Molecular Formula: C₁₁H₂1N3O5
Molecular Weight: 257.30 g/mol
PubChem CID: 7010502
CAS No: 45234-02-4
Alternative Names: Lysylglutamate, normophthal, Lyslglutamic acid

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Vilon, composed of just two amino acids, stands as the shortest peptide acknowledged for its biological impact. Studies suggest its potent anti-aging properties and its significant role as an influential regulator of immune function. Furthermore, compelling evidence supports Vilon’s capacity to modulate the vascular system and contribute to hemostasis. While it showcases a capacity to diminish the occurrence and progression of spontaneous tumors, its effectiveness as an adjunctive therapy for cancer treatment, rather than prevention, remains uncertain. Despite this, staunch supporters, notably including Dr. Vladimir Anisimov, advocate for Vilon as a valuable geroprotective agent.